Reports Show America Falling Dangerously Behind in Missile Race

Reports Show America Falling Dangerously Behind in Missile Race

( – For decades, the United States led the way in innovative military fighter aircraft, naval warfare and ballistic missile technologies. The tables are turning, and the US military may be falling behind, especially when it comes to hypersonic missiles. Due in large part to former-President Barack Obama’s focus on domestic spending and reducing the size and capabilities of the US armed forces, America isn’t out of the race to build the best hypersonic missile capabilities in the world quite yet.

While the United States deals with domestic issues under President Joe Biden, Russia and China are aggressively building their militaries and testing hypersonic missiles. Hypersonic weapons have the potential to create a massive imbalance in power over conventional military capabilities. A hypersonic missile moves at speeds exceeding five times the speed of sound, or Mach 5. It uses a specialized, high-powered engine and can carry conventional and nuclear warheads.

The military says hypersonic missiles are highly useful in targeting command and control centers, airfields, aircraft carriers and virtually any other kind of military target imaginable. US military leaders say they don’t have a rival deterrent to Russia and China’s emerging hypersonic missile capabilities, which puts the United States at a significant disadvantage.

Senior US military officers say the weapons are so fast and accurate that they have no way of tracking them until they hit a target. Additionally, they say it’s virtually impossible to intercept and shoot one down. The only deterrent the US has is a nuclear one, which is also a last resort.

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