Republican Goes on Disney Cruise Despite Attacking Disney as Woke

Republican Goes on Disney Cruise Despite Attacking Disney as Woke

OOPS! – Top Republican’s Abrupt Trip Is Raising Eyebrows

( – Last spring, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis clashed with Disney officials over a new state law (HB 1557) designed to limit school children’s exposure to class materials focusing on gender identity and sexual orientation. The state legislature subsequently passed a measure (SB 4-C) stripping the entertainment company of its status as a special district in the 1960s. State Rep. Randy Fine (R-53rd District) stood behind the governor and other Republicans, criticizing Disney’s so-called “wokeness.” However, he recently turned heads after appearing to move 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

Twitter erupted on September 5 with the news that Fine spent Labor Day weekend enjoying a Bahamas excursion hosted by Disney Cruise Lines. Several accounts posted a photograph of the representative boarding the ship, many of them accusing him of hypocrisy.

Rep. Fine was one of Florida’s most outspoken lawmakers earlier this year regarding stripping Disney of its autonomous rule. For example, in April, he posted a tweet shortly before the Florida House voted to pass HB 1557. He stated that Disney was “a guest in Florida” and “today,” lawmakers get to “remind them.”

The lawmaker also said the state should punish Disney for its misbehavior and remind it that Florida is not California. He suggested the Sunshine State didn’t want the giant entertainment company there.

What do you think about Fine’s decision to take a trip to the Bahamas on a Disney-owned cruise ship in light of his earlier statements?

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