Republican Governor Won’t Stand for Critical Race Theory

Republican Governor Won't Stand for Critical Race Theory

( – Schools are embracing the controversial critical race theory across America. Conservatives are none too happy about it. Critical race theory is a divisive belief that teaches America’s history, institutions, legal systems, and policies are social constructs that are inherently racist. Governors across America have had enough. Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the push against the theory. He says he’s intent on destroying it wherever it pops up.

DeSantis believes that the ideas behind critical race theory are offensive. He said no one should ask taxpayers to pay to teach kids that it’s acceptable to hate their country and each other. The governor promised to take action to stop the introduction of the much-maligned teaching in Florida schools.

The Heritage Foundation, a leading conservative think tank, says critical race theory is a new form of intolerance focused on victimization and normalizing systemic racism for the average American.

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