Republican Lawmaker SUSPENDED – It Was Sabotage!

Republican Lawmaker Suspended After He Tried To Sabotage Fellow Legislator

Republican Lawmaker Suspended After He Tried To Sabotage Fellow Legislator

( – A majority party in a legislative body rarely rebukes one of its own. Yet, that’s what happened in Arkansas. On Tuesday, September 27, the GOP-dominated Arkansas Senate voted 26 to 4 to suspend Republican State Sen. Alan Clark after he made a frivolous ethics complaint and attempted to sabotage a Democratic lawmaker. Earlier in the year, the upper chamber sanctioned Clark and stripped a leadership position from him for seeking financial reimbursements for meetings he never attended.

In early September, Clark accused Democratic Sen. Stephanie Flowers of receiving per diem payments during zoom legislative meetings. Ethics Committee Chairman Sen. Kim Hammer said the retaliation was a dishonor and disruption to the work of the upper chamber.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Senate rules allowed members to attend legislative functions remotely. Yet, rules prohibited them from claiming per diem for food. The ethics committee determined Flowers didn’t ask for payments she received. In August, she repaid any per diem money after a clerical error paid them out.

Clark asked in a text message how Senators could fight against corruption in government if they can’t reveal or push back against questionable behavior.

For the remainder of the term, which ends January 8, 2023, Clark won’t have access to Senate offices or resources. The censure also prohibits him from involvement with the legislative body, and he loses his seniority.

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