Republicans Are Underestimating Biden

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Republicans are underestimating the strength of President Biden’s reelection campaign for 2024, especially following Joe Biden’s recent gaffes and missteps. Most recently, Biden left everyone confused after randomly saying “God Save the Queen” as part of his recent speech and stumbling on stage.

Republicans and many independents dismiss Biden’s chances as the oldest president in American history, pointing out the rise in inflation rates, the migration crisis in the U.S.-Mexico border, the rise in crime, and the budget deficits the U.S. has to deal with. These conditions have also led to the United States slowly losing its position of influence across the globe, making many wonder how it would be possible for this administration to be renominated despite all these failures.

Another critical problem Republicans point to regarding the Biden administration is Vice President Kamala Harris, whom many view as incompetent. This is particularly important as Biden’s second term might end up being Harris’ first term in office if he cannot carry out his duties for the entire time.

The recent investigations into corruption concerning not only Hunter Biden but also his father, President Joe Biden, have also led to many wondering how it could be possible for this administration to survive. These concerns have become even more prominent following the recent indictment of former President Donald Trump, leading to many claiming that there is a “two-tiered” justice system.

However, the polls and Biden’s campaign team appear to present a different story than the one Republicans have been concerned about. This partly is caused because while Republicans focus on Biden’s weaknesses in the general elections, they are not paying any attention to his strengths within the Democratic party.

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