Republicans Call For Reparations

Photo by Scott Umstattd on Unsplash

( – Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, who has frequently talked about the idea of White descendants of northern soldiers who fought in the Civil War in order to help enslaved people gain their freedom, once again proposed the idea of reparations.

During a campaign event earlier this week for incumbent Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown who is trying to win a fourth term in office in the 2024 Senate election, Moreno stated that “we stand at the shoulders of giants.” He added that the “same group of people later, White people, died to free Black people” and yet this is not often something talked about in America. Instead, there are a lot of comments that make it appear like “America is a racist, broken country.” He then proceeded to ask the crowd to name another country that fought and died in order for slaves to be free. He added that while there are talks about reparations no one is talking about “reparations for the people in the North who died to save the lives of Black people?”

Moreno further noted that while he knew that it was not “politically correct to say that” he needed to “call it like it is.” Conor McGuinness, a spokesperson for Moreno’s Senate campaign, told Fox News Digital that the reason Moreno had made these comments was that he wanted to point out “Democrat hypocrisy.”

He proceeded to state that Bernie was correct in his assessment that “political correctness is killing our country.” He added that with his comments he wanted to make a reference to the Democrat hypocrisy. He added that it was not surprising that the liberal media did not understand that this was the point, especially “since they’ve been complicit with the identity politics charade for years.”

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