Republicans Flip-Flop On Biden Investigation

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – House Republicans had vowed that if they won the House majority, they were going to investigate President Joe Biden and the Democrats as well as provide more extensive oversight. However, currently, their investigations don’t appear to be getting very far along which has led to frustrations within the party.

In interviews with more than a dozen House Republicans, most of them claimed that their current focus was on preventing a banking crisis and potential default, rather than the investigation into the Biden family or the politicized government panel. At the same time, many GOP voters are getting upset about the lack of revelations relating to the administration that would help back all the vows the House Republicans had previously made.

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.) noted during a brief interview that all of them were hearing from constituents who are waiting to see results. He adds that part of their job is to explain to those people how the process works and what they can expect. He added that in his view “some people get anxious because they just want immediate results.”

During their time in control of the House, the Republicans have sent out a number of letters, issued subpoenas, and even had some hearings and initial reports. However, so far none of these have resulted in the bombshell revelations they had previously promised to the Republican base. Prior to the speakership fight, the GOP promised they were going to have the chamber deploy more oversight into Biden and his administration. They also compared their investigations to the Congress’ storied 1970s Church Committee, which uncovered the abuses by the intelligence community. However, so far they have not been able to deliver on these expectations.

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