Republicans Flip On Punishment For Abortion

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

( – An anti-abortion proposal drafted by 9 South Carolina Republicans, has now lost their support after a new measure proposed that the state’s homicide laws should apply to all those who seek an abortion.

The legislation, which was sponsored by 24 Republican co-sponsors, was originally introduced in January. However, in the past few weeks, nine of those Republicans have withdrawn their support of the legislation. The first ones to withdraw their support were Reps. Kathy Landing and Matt Leber in late February.

Leber had originally been one of the first Republicans to support the bill, however, he then told NBC News that he decided that because of the bill’s existing language, he was not going to be supporting it. He had added that there was no possibility of the bill passing. He added that he “wouldn’t want to prosecute or charge women at all,” and that this does not fit his stance regarding pro-life issues.

The bill, which has not yet been confirmed, has now been referred to the state House Judiciary Committee, where Leber has claimed that it will be “dead on arrival.”

The bill started garnering more national attention in March after many other supporters began to withdraw their support. Within two weeks of becoming a sponsor of the bill, Rep. David Vaughan withdrew his support on Monday. On that same day,  Reps. Fawn Pedalino, Brian Lawson, Randy Ligon, and Patrick Haddon all announced that they would be withdrawing the support.

Vaughan had informed NBC News that his decision came because he did not think abortions should be criminalized and it had been a mistake that he “signed on that bill.”

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