Republicans In Blue State Looking To Secede

Photo by Cristina Glebova on Unsplash

( – Idaho’s Senate Minority Leader Melissa Wintrow, a Democrat, has said that the campaign to have a rural eastern Oregon part join Idaho and leave the blue state had “virtually no chance” of happening. She continued to say that this would be a bad move on all levels and that she did not support this move.

Currently, there is a resolution going through the Idaho Legislature that would have made the two states’ legislatures discuss changing the boundary line between Idaho and Oregon. Last month, Idaho’s House of Representatives passed the bill which is now making its way through the Idaho Senate. The state’s upper chamber is also ruled by a Republican majority.

The Greater Idaho movement is looking to include a number of conservative areas from eastern Oregon to Idaho. Those who have passed the resolution are supporters of the resolution which would look to have 13 Oregon counties added to Idaho. This would be 53 percent of the state’s landmass and 9 percent of its population moving from Oregon to Idaho. Those who are supporters of the resolution lean towards more conservative and traditional values and argue that they need to preserve a certain way of living.

Idaho Rep. Judy Boyle, R, told Fox News Digital, that he is a supporter of the Greater Idaho movement since he lived his entire life on the border and had many friends in East Oregon. Oregon is a liberal state which has led to many of those with more conservative values on the border feeling ignored.

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