Republicans Issue Warning To DeSantis

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A strong MAGA supporter and supporter of former President Donald Trump has issued a warning towards Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the weekend.

Trump originally announced his bid for the White House in November. So far, he is the only major candidate to have officially been interested in the presidential race. However, there are many key republicans who are speculated to be considering placing a Presidential bid.

Among all of them, DeSantis appears to be the most popular choice. Despite this, one Make America Great Again (MAGA) supporter has firmly warned DeSantis to not even consider running for President.

Brenden Dilley, a podcast host, and 2018 Arizona congressional candidate has said in a recent tweet that he would not give DeSantis any support if he decided to place a bid for the White House. He then added that they would make sure that DeSantis is “unelectable just like Ted Cruz.”

In February 2018, Dilley had tried to win a House seat in a special election but had only managed to win 1.1 percent of the vote. The seat was won by Debbie Lesko and he came 11th in the primary.

DeSantis, who has not yet announced his bid for the presidency, appears to be the only candidate thus far to be reaching Trump in a hypothetical matchup. In fact, according to a recent University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll, in a hypothetical matchup between the two men DeSantis is leading the race by 12 points. The poll was published only a few days before one of Trump’s first big campaign appearances in New Hampshire.

Trump’s campaign however has maintained that DeSantis is not a problem. They have even gone as far as to compile a list of 16 polls from mid-December in which Trump is always leading by at least 3 points.