Republicans Resist Biden’s Socialist Plans

Republicans Resist Biden's Socialist Plans

( – President Joe Biden repeatedly stated during the 2020 general election that he intended to be the most liberal president in US history. He even went as far as to say that he would outdo President Franklin D. Roosevelt, lauded as the gold standard in liberal politics. Biden is asking Congress to pass some temporary COVID-19 relief programs as permanent government benefits. Unfortunately for him, there’s a big obstacle.

The evenly divided US Senate requires a three-fifths majority to pass many of the measures Biden seeks, and Republicans aren’t budging. Still, Democrats are doing all they can to ensure the crisis doesn’t go to waste. Biden has lobbied Congress to make three tax credits permanent:

  • Child Tax Credit
  • The Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Dependent Care Tax Credit

Republicans voted against the measures in the COVID-19 relief package. Yet, Democrats were able to thwart them by using reconciliation to shut the GOP out on a simple majority vote. The GOP argues that Democrats are creating a full-blown unsustainable welfare state. It’s not likely Democrats will use reconciliation again unless they are willing to ram it down the GOP’s throat and risk other bills that need Republican support.

Biden may want to give away more tax dollars, but it’s unlikely to gain support in the Senate without enough Republicans.

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