Republicans Square Off During Newsmax Debate

Republicans Square Off During Newsmax Debate

Newsmax DEBATE Turns Heated – It Was Bound To Happen

( – In the classic battleground state of Pennsylvania, Sen. Pat Toomey (R) announced in 2021 his retirement from the US Senate. His upcoming departure opened up a seat, potentially determining whether Democrats or Republicans will hold the majority in the Senate in 2023. On Wednesday, May 4, the five Republican candidates vying to replace Toomey debated in a showdown to convince Republicans who the most conservative and worthy candidate is to replace him.

In April, former President Donald Trump endorsed medical talk show host Dr. Mehmet Oz. The famed television star was all too ready to tout Trump’s endorsement, saying the former president supported him because he was the only candidate who could win in November. Oz’s rivals accused him of being a MAGA in name only candidate and a Mitt-Romney-style Republican. Still, each candidate took turns going after President Joe Biden, the failed Democratic Build Back Better plan, and inflation.

Former Trump Ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands, said her experience pushing an America First agenda overseas would serve the commonwealth well in the US Senate. Kathy Barnette emphasized her pro-life views when she told Pennsylvania her birth resulted from a rape. She also took a swipe at Democrats for attempting to delegitimize the US Supreme Court on abortion.

Election officials scheduled the crucial Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday, May 17.

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