Republicans Turn On Their Own Attorney General

Makaristos, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) has for the past four years dealt with legal troubles after being indicted by a state grand jury for securities fraud in 2016. However, he is now going to be facing another threat and this one is coming from the GOP-controlled state House.

On Wednesday, four former state prosecutors commissioned by the state House released the reports of their probe into Paxton’s alleged misconduct. According to their findings, the attorney general had accepted bribes from an Austin real estate developer and had then fired four deputies for reporting his activities to law enforcement. This ultimately resulted in taxpayers needing to pay a $3.3 million settlement with the whistleblowers. Paxton has also been accused of having an affair with a woman who had worked in his wife’s office and subsequently looking for a sweetheart job for her.

Rep. Andrew Murr (R-Junction) stated that it was concerning that they had to have discussions about why taxpayers have been asked to fix the alleged misconduct of the attorney general.

Paxton was also found to have been conspiring to commit crimes that would have violated both state and federal laws as one of the members of the investigative team revealed to the oversight committee. These charges came after the general fight that ensued between the attorney general and Republican House leadership according to a report from The Texas Tribune.

In March Paxton was sentenced to jail for lying to a Texas court. He is also currently facing other troubles for accepting a $100,000 undisclosed gift from a North Texas medical entrepreneur.

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