Riot Breaks Out in the Streets of France

Riot Breaks Out in the Streets of France

( – It appears massive migration isn’t an issue for just the United States. In France, mass migration is a core issue leading up to next year’s presidential election. In heavily impacted areas, violence is creating concern for citizens, and many French believe Mulsim migrants are replacing them and fear their Christian heritage could go extinct.

On Wednesday, October 27, police arrested a migrant youth in Alençon, France, for selling drugs. Soon after, fellow newcomers rose up and set fire to vehicles, attacked police and firefighters, and threw fireworks at emergency responders. Recently, authorities tried spreading migrants throughout the area, hoping they would integrate into French society better, but it isn’t working.

During the pandemic lockdowns in 2020, the government said local authorities shouldn’t lock down migrant areas as tightly as the rest of the country to avoid threats of riots. In May 2020, Paris experienced extreme unrest for several nights as immigrant rioters attacked police and first responders after an accidental death involving a motorcycle.

Since January, President Joe Biden’s policies have provided incentives for over a million illegal immigrants who entered the United States. Thousands more are making their way up through Mexico. With the undocumented community growing in the US, could migrants enact violence here as well?

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