Rioters on the Rampage in Tacoma

Rioters on the Rampage in Tacoma

( – Late last week and through the weekend, destructive, unlawful riots broke out in Portland, Seattle, and Denver in the wake of President Biden’s inauguration. It doesn’t appear to be slowing down out west anytime soon. On Saturday night, January 23, through Sunday, turmoil broke out in Tacoma, WA. While some individuals carried Antifa flags, mobs dressed in black set fire to trash cans, destroyed buildings and damaged police cars.

The mob reportedly walked the streets chanting, “Black Lives Matter,” as they went along. At one point, police needed to evacuate buildings. Two people with weapons climbed onto a roof. In another instance during the riot, mobs were caught trying to pry open the gates of a county jail as they yelled, “free them all.”

Last summer and again this week, President Joe Biden silently refused to denounce the riots. However, the newly sworn-in Democratic president quickly denounced the riots that shook the Capitol building on January 6.

Let’s hope the violence ends as people exercise their First Amendment rights to protest peacefully.

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