Robert De Niro Launches Anti-Trump Smear Campaign

Josh Jensen, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Actor Robert De Niro, known for his critical stance against former President Donald Trump, featured in a recent campaign advertisement endorsed by President Joe Biden. In the ad, De Niro asserts that Trump has become unhinged since his presidency and poses a threat to the Constitution.

The 30-second commercial began airing on Friday across various broadcast and digital platforms in key battleground states, as well as on national cable channels. This initiative is part of the Biden campaign’s media strategy for May.

In the advertisement, De Niro recounts a series of controversial actions by Trump, including erratic late-night tweets, suggesting disinfectant as a treatment, and using tear gas on protesters for a photo opportunity. He mentions that these incidents demonstrated Trump’s erratic behavior during his presidency.

De Niro then addresses Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, claiming it caused Trump to “snap” as he clung to power. The actor warns that Trump now seeks to run again with intentions that include acting as a dictator and potentially dismantling the Constitution.

The ad emphasizes Trump’s vengeful motives, highlighting a speech where he used the term “bloodbath.” Trump later criticized Biden and the Democrats for misinterpreting this comment, clarifying that it referred to potential job losses in the auto industry, not to political violence.

This campaign spot follows De Niro’s outspoken appearances, including profanity-laced remarks on Bill Maher’s HBO show and a moment on “The View” where he was muted for cursing while discussing Trump.

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