Ron DeSantis Blows Whistle on Human Smuggling Operation by Biden

Ron DeSantis Blows Whistle on Human Smuggling Operation by Biden

( – In the late summer through the fall, media outlets caught the Biden administration flying illegal immigrants all over the country under cover of night. In recent weeks, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) threatened to find the illegal immigrants and put them on a bus headed for President Biden’s home state of Delaware. In September, the popular first-term governor filed a lawsuit against the federal government for not enforcing US immigration policy. He also alleged the flights of thousands of illegal immigrants weren’t legal.

On Monday, December 13, DeSantis ramped up his war of words against the Biden administration. On Fox News show “Ingraham Angle,” the Florida governor accused Biden of running a human smuggling operation. He told Fox News host Laura Ingraham the southern border crisis isn’t just a problem for Texas or Arizona as long as the administration flies illegal immigrants into Florida. Over the last six months, DeSantis said the federal government conducted 70 flights.

DeSantis told Ingraham he has eight million dollars in his budget to transfer illegals to Delaware and other Democratic strongholds. In addition, he said if companies work with the administration to move illegal immigrants around the country, they are participating in the mass human smuggling operation, and they would not be allowed to do business with the Sunshine State or local Florida governments.

Do you think DeSantis is serious about illegal immigration?

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