Ron DeSantis Challenger Suggests He’s Jesus Christ Fighting “DeSatan”

Ron DeSantis Challenger Suggests He's Jesus Christ Fighting

Charlie Crist Disrespects Both DeSantis and Jesus With Absurd Claim

( – Now that the primary season is over, candidates for political office and voters are looking toward finality in eight weeks. In Florida, incumbent Republican Governor Ron DeSantis is leading his Democratic opponent, Charlie Crist, by five points in a recent Insider Advantage/Fox 5 poll. Regardless, Crist made some odd statements of late. On August 24, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate told voters he didn’t want any support from DeSantis voters and stated they had “hate in their hearts.” Now, a video has emerged of him making an even odder statement, comparing himself with Jesus Christ and calling the governor “DeSatan.”

On March 17, Crist compared himself to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and suggested he was also fighting for freedom. He clamored over the Ukrainian president, calling him a person of courage, strength, and decency. That’s when he shifted gears.

Crist called the governor a divider and referred to himself as an uniter. He also suggested some called the governor “DeSatan” and noted it was the devil versus Jesus Christ, with him being the God figure. He stressed his opponent was evil and he was good.

DeSantis’ campaign called the comments bizarre and delusional. The spokesperson added that the Democratic candidate embarrassed himself. The governor recently stated that if re-elected to the governor’s mansion, he would continue to hold President Joe Biden accountable. He labeled the election as a referendum on Biden’s failures. He said his campaign would continue to expose the president’s failures.

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