Ron DeSantis Has a Plan to Save Florida Using Redistricting, Report Finds

Ron DeSantis Has a Plan to Save Florida Using Redistricting, Report Finds

( – As the country gears up for the 2022 primary season ahead of the November midterm elections, state legislatures are finalizing and approving new congressional redistricting maps as required by the US Constitution. It’s unusual for governors to get involved in the process while legislatures or recognized authorities normally work on new redistricting maps. Yet, it’s not illegal, and sometimes legislatures request help to ensure everyone is on the same page ahead of a final vote to codify the new district boundaries into law.

In Florida, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is proactively working with the state legislature. A congressional map is awaiting a vote by the state Senate. On Sunday night, January 16, DeSantis’ legal counsel, Ryan Newman, submitted a proposed map for consideration to the legislature. Some believe that DeSantis’ submission of the congressional map is a signal to the legislature he intends to veto the one awaiting a state Senate vote.

Newman said the map under consideration in the Senate has legal concerns, and that’s why the administration forwarded them an alternative proposal they believe better adheres to federal and state laws. The legal adviser added that DeSantis’ map alleviates concerns about the size of some districts, keeps counties from being split up, and protects minority voting populations.

Regardless, some opponents of DeSantis suggest he has ulterior motives for submitting his map. In the next several weeks, the state legislature is expected to pass a redistricting map into law so that candidates can file to run for Congress.

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