Ron Desantis Is Beating Out 49 States With Florida’s Prosperity

Ron Desantis Is Beating Out 49 States With Florida Prosperity

Ron DeSantis VICTORY – In 49 US States!

( – Over the last two years, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis (R) pushed back hard against the Left and President Joe Biden. He was the first to open a state during the pandemic, fight COVID mandates, and rebel against woke politics like Critical Race Theory and gender issues involving children. The CATO Institute’s new “Freedom” rankings are out, and the Sunshine State is the pack leader in fiscal and economic freedom, beating 49 other states.

Since 2014, Florida has steadily risen in the “Freedom” rankings. Now, it’s the top state with the most economic freedom. That includes personal financial freedom and regulatory policies. The CATO Institute cited the Sunshine State’s absence of an income tax and overall lower taxes across the board as a principal reason for its success. Not to be outdone, the report also said they lead the way on fiscal policy when it comes to responsible government employment, spending, and debt.

Florida came in second place overall regarding freedom, bested only by New Hampshire. Of course, their motto is “Live Free or Die.” Regardless, in late July, DeSantis blasted the Biden administration for gaslighting Americans about the economic shutdown. The governor blamed the president for inflation and the overall economic condition.

So, is Florida’s brilliant performance DeSantis’ doing? You decide.

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