Ron DeSantis Opposition Says It’s Time To Ban The Bible From School

Ron DeSantis Opposition Says It's Time to Ban the Bible From Schools

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( – Many parents have expressed concern about the books their children have access to in public school libraries for years. Much of the parental opposition centered around books discussing gender identity, racism, and sexuality. In March, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation into law that prohibits certain controversial books from schools. Could the new rule come with unintended consequences? After Florida determined that 54 math books used woke ideas in problem-solving and threw them out, one man decided to go after the Bible.

On Wednesday, April 27, Chaz Stevens filed petitions in 63 Florida school districts to remove and ban the Bible. He cited references to cannibalism, sexuality, and murder as examples that violate the state law. Legal experts say Stevens’s petition exposes flaws and constitutional issues with the new law.

The legislation prohibits schools from using books or materials that are not suited to a student’s needs or are inappropriate for grade-level students. The law also requires schools to create processes that allow parents to file petitions challenging instructional materials.

The Supreme Court has never ruled on school banning of books. George Washington law professor Catherine Ross told The Washington Post that schools couldn’t remove books that are controversial from a political or religious perspective on their own authority.

This could get interesting.

Stay tuned.

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