Ron DeSantis Pushes for Nancy Pelosi’s “Retirement”

Ron DeSantis Pushes for Nancy Pelosi's

Ron DeSantis RALLIES the Troops – Pelosi in Trouble!

( – The tension is rising across the country as America barrels towards the November midterm elections. On Sunday, August 14, Florida’s Repubican Gov. Ron DeSantis shared why it’s essential to retire House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) while speaking at Turning Point Action’s “Unite and Win” rally in Arizona. He was there to gather support for Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and US Senate candidate Blake Masters (R).

The Florida governor said voters would fight back against left-wing Democrats and President Joe Biden’s failed leadership on election day. He stated they collectively ruined people’s lives by locking down the country and destroying communities through high crime policies and taxes. The popular Conservative noted he wouldn’t allow the Sunshine State to become a place where people lost their freedoms or enable the Left to destroy their lives.

DeSantis said the way to push back against Biden was to elect strong conservative governors and senators. He noted that the Democrats are playing for keeps and are more militant than ever, while also stating that if they had just a few more senators, the radicals would have packed the Supreme Court, abolished the Electoral College, and created no voter ID laws.

The governor stated they must stop Democrats, who will use power irresponsibly and would make Conservatives second-class citizens if given a choice. He believes the only way to defeat them is to retire Pelosi once and for all by taking back Congress from Democratic control in the midterms.

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