Ron DeSantis Says Dr. Fauci Should Be Investigated

Ron DeSantis Says Dr. Fauci Should Be Investigated

Ron DeSantis Makes SURPRISE Investigation Announcement!

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci, who served as Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for 38 years, announced on August 22 that he would leave the position in December. The news likely has many right-wing lawmakers celebrating. Some, like Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, feel the move isn’t enough. The doctor’s outspoken opponent believes the medical expert should answer for his decisions and policies while in office.

Taking a Stand

During a recent interview with “Fox and Friends,” Gov. DeSantis said Fauci should have left long ago. The Republican lawmaker noted the doctor made every move during the pandemic “with arrogance,” adding that related federal policies have devastated the country’s businesses and schools. Florida’s governor and the nation’s most prominent doctor repeatedly butted heads, and the popular Sunshine state head signed multiple executive orders to combat mask mandates and vaccination requirements throughout the pandemic.

DeSantis made a name for himself during heavy COVID-19 restrictions when he became a vocal opponent of draconian lockdown measures. Now, he points to Florida’s successes despite the pandemic as evidence that Fauci was wrong. The governor blames the medical expert for “failures of the public health establishment,” alleging quarantines and mask mandates were huge contributing factors in the country’s current economic disaster.

Darker Accusations

DeSantis also wants more extensive investigations into COVID-19’s origins, suggesting Dr. Fauci may have had a hand in the virus’s creation. The Florida leader has accused his opponent of being aware of the novel coronavirus’ start in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and even attempting to hide this information from the US population. The NIH’s gain-of-function research involvement in China suggests players like the NIAID director may not have been forthcoming about the possible connections. This type of study looks specifically at increasing the transmissibility of diseases.

The fact that the NIAID and the NIH, under Fauci’s watch, sent $3.7 million in grants to a company called EcoHealth could be evidence of a possible link to the virus. That company sent $400,000 of the funds to Wuhan’s research institute to investigate bat coronaviruses. The medical policy advisor to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump denied that the agency had ever participated in Wuhan gain-of-function research, prompting another outspoken lawmaker, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R), to accuse Fauci of lying to the American people.

Other GOP members have jumped on the bandwagon, insisting on a full government investigation of the doctor, his actions, and any connections Fauci might have to China. They believe the expert knows much more about the virus than he’s been willing to share and that he may have personally benefited from Wuhan’s research.

Do you agree with Gov. DeSantis? Should investigators look into Fauci’s actions?

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