Ron DeSantis Tells Democrats Not to Bring Liberal Policies to Florida

Ron DeSantis Tells Democrats Not to Bring Liberal Policies to Florida

Ron DeSantis Sends A WARNING To Democrats Who Want To Come To Florida

( – Over the last several years, companies and individuals have fled Democratic states over oppressive laws, taxes, and COVID-19 restrictions. That’s led Conservatives to wonder if those leaving states like California for greener conservative pastures will bring their liberalism with them. On Monday, April 25, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sought to alleviate the concerns of many conservative Floridians.

On January 4, a United Van Lines study concluded that Florida ranked as one of the top states people moved to in 2021. Regardless, DeSantis said Conservatives needn’t worry in the Sunshine State that people would move from Democratic states and vote for the same liberal policies they just left. The governor said Florida wasn’t at risk of seeing a political demographic shift. He stressed that Florida had seen a surge in Republican voters.

DeSantis said that people are more thoughtful about the leadership they live under and that COVID opened many people’s eyes. He said the governor one lived under was the difference between a child going to school or remaining locked down at home.

While DeSantis said the Sunshine State is in a good place, he may not be able to say that long-term for Texas. Several San Francisco companies left for Austin and brought hundreds of employees with them. If they vote the way they did in California, DeSantis said the transplants could turn Texas into a dumpster fire much in the same way they did California.

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