Ron DeSantis TRUMP Secret Comes Out!

Ron DeSantis Is Reportedly Attacking Trump in Private

Ron DeSantis Is Reportedly Attacking Trump in Private

( – While America focuses on the 2022 midterm elections, the 2024 presidential GOP primary may be quietly underway. Polls show former President Donald Trump may be Republican voters’ choice by a large margin. Still, over the last year, rumblings have been ongoing in GOP circles that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis may take on Trump. Nevertheless, the two men openly play nice with one another. DeSantis has positioned himself as a supporter of the former president’s agenda but doesn’t say much publicly about the past Commander-in-Chief. Privately, it may be a different story.

Former DeSantis staffer Gabe Sherman told Vanity Fair that both men dislike each other. Sherman noted Trump believes he made the governor and therefore insinuated he shouldn’t run in the 2024 presidential race out of gratitude. However, the Florida Republican appears to have a different take. The former staffer said the governor doesn’t think very highly of the 45th president and told donors if he does run, he’ll attack him head-on and question his record and competency.

The governor has shown himself as a formidable challenger potentially. In some state polls, he runs ahead of the ex-president. Additionally, some polls have DeSantis running better against President Joe Biden than Trump. Things could get interesting if a public rivalry between the two GOP giants emerges.

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