Ron DeSantis Turns School Boards Red After 25 Out of 30 Endorsements Win

Ron DeSantis Turns School Boards Red After 25 Out of 30 Endorsements Win


( – Over the last two years, Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has demanded local school districts end COVID-19 mandates to prevent harm to kids’ growth. He also forced schools to remove woke curricula like books promoting sexuality and Critical Race Theory (CRT). After the governor hit the campaign trail for his re-election bid, he also worked in conjunction with the 1776 Project political action committee (PAC) to help elect conservative candidates to boards. On Tuesday, August 23, the results were in, and voters spoke overwhelmingly.

Of the 30 governor-endorsed school board candidates, 25 won their election bids. Across the state, school boards flipped from blue to red. DeSantis stated that parents are “sick of the nonsense” in the Sunshine State. Ryan Girdusky, the founder of the 1776 Project PAC, said parents are craving normalcy again, meaning the transgender, CRT, and equity movement in education must end. The winning hopefuls ran on parental rights, transparency in education, school choice, and safety.

So, how badly did the Left take it on the chin? In Sarasota County, the previous 3 to 2 left-wing board flipped to a 4 to 1 conservative majority. In Clay County, three DeSantis-endorsed conservatives flipped seats on a five-member board. Duval County, Martin Country, and Miami-Dade County school districts saw identical results.

It appears DeSantis is showing Republicans how to win elections. Will those struggling in races across the country pay attention?

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