Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Confirms RUMORS – They’re True!

Rush Limbaugh's Widow Confirms Death Certificate Rumors

Rush Limbaugh’s Widow Confirms Death Certificate Rumors

( – Conservatives lost one of their heroes when iconic radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh passed away from lung cancer on February 17, 2021. Over the years, his persona had become larger than life to many in the conservative movement. On Tuesday, October 25, Kathryn Adams Limbaugh, Rush’s widow, joined Glenn Beck on his radio program to talk about her late husband. She said among his most extraordinary qualities were his humbleness and big heart. Mrs. Limbaugh added that he never forgot the “little guy.” She also confirmed a rumor about his death certificate.

Beck asked if Rush’s death certificate listed his occupation as “Radio’s Greatest of All Time.” Kathryn laughed and said it was true. She said he always wanted to be on “brand” and that it was important to tweak the media as his final goodbye gesture.

During their 2010 wedding, Elton John sang for the newlyweds. Beck asked if the famous singer was aware of who she was marrying. Kathryn said the singer did know and stated the two men were very alike in several ways. She said they had a “similar demeanor in their performance personality.” She noted that they were both men who worked very hard and were at the top of their game. Mrs. Limbaugh also pointed out that both men loved their audiences.

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