Russian Troops Capture Stash of High-End NATO Weapons in Ukraine

Russian Troops Capture Stash of High-End NATO Weapons in Ukraine

( – The latest news reports out of Ukraine shows the Russian military capturing more than just people and buildings. The new concern is foreign aid is falling into the hands of the Kremlin.

Patrick Lancaster, a war correspondent, posted a video on YouTube showing Russian soldiers from the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) capturing weapons belonging to Ukraine. The footage, posted on February 27, shows Lancaster looking through papers accompanying the SMAW-D anti-tank armaments. He notes the Russians claimed the items were part of a package sent to the country last year for lethal aid.

The Russian Department of Defense released a photo, according to National File, showing the same items. It also included images of anti-tank launchers.

It is difficult to verify the legitimacy of the claims, but seeing Ukrainian aid in the hands of Russians is not encouraging to leaders. After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan left around $83 billion in weapons and equipment behind for Taliban forces to take, some leaders foresee a similar situation in Ukraine.

With the US and European countries amping up aid to the embattled country, the concerns may be valid. Nobody wants to assist Putin’s aggressive movements or put the Ukrainian people more at risk by arming the Russian troops.

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