Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Comments Attacking National Anthem Kneelers Were Censored

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Comments Attacking National Anthem Kneelers Was Censored

( – Is it possible that a prominent member of the Liberal media admitted she censored a Progressive Supreme Court Justice because it contrasted negatively with the Left’s narrative? In her new memoir, famed news reporter Katie Couric acknowledged she edited then-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s comments about kneeling during the national anthem in 2016. It’s a shocking revelation, considering RGB was one of the most Liberal Justices ever to serve on the high court.

Couric asked RGB about her views regarding kneeling during the national anthem over social justice issues. The Justice said the act showed contempt for the government and a society that made their lives liveable and prosperous. She added kneeling was terrible and offensive, but she wouldn’t jail someone over their free speech rights, regardless of how ridiculous the act might be. Unfortunately, all tv audiences heard was RGB telling Couric kneeling was not smart or respectable.

The question is, why did Couric come clean now about the heavy censorship? Couric said she admired the former Justice too much to embroil her in the controversy. On the Left, Ginsburg was an icon. As a Liberal, Ginsburg’s views may have tamped down some of the rhetoric about kneeling during the anthem or perhaps influenced a spirited debate about the merits of the act. Who knows if it would have changed much? We’ll never know since Couric took it upon herself to censor RGB’s voice.

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