Sarah Palin Is Trailing a Democrat in Deep Red Alaska

Sarah Palin Is Trailing a Democrat in Deep Red Alaska

Sarah Palin FALLS – Damning Poll Comes Out!

( – A new rank-choice election system in Alaska has observers and voters sitting on pins and needles as everyone waits for the final tally of the August 16 election. Two issues are at stake at one time. Rep. Don Young (R-AK) passed away in March. The winner will serve the remainder of his term and the top two finishers of the primary will face off again in November. Currently, Palin is running behind in the tally, but catching up is still possible.

While state residents won’t know the final election results until August 31, officials have counted around 180,000 ballots. Election workers expect to tabulate more leading up to reporting day. Once officials finish the counting, authorities will determine the first and second-place winners. As of Tuesday, August 23, Democratic candidate Mary Peltola (D-AK) had 38.9% of first-place voters. Palin was second with 31.4%, and businessman Nick Begich (R-AK) earned 28.2%.

In Alaska’s system, there are no guarantees. Once the votes are all in, officials will drop the third-place candidate, scan the ballots for who voters chose, and give the votes to the second-level prospect. It’s possible Begich’s voters chose a fellow Republican over a Democrat, but again, anything can happen. If Palin secures enough of them plus what’s left of mail-in ballots, she could still pull out the win, replace Young now, and be considered the front-runner in November.

In politics, especially in Alaska, it’s never over until the poll workers count every vote.

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