Sarah Sanders Reports a Great Awakening

Sarah Sanders Reports a Great Awakening

Sarah Sanders Reports NATIONWIDE EVENT – Says It’s Growing

( – Former Donald Trump White House Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders became endeared to many conservative Americans during her two years in office. Now, Sanders is running for governor in her home state of Arkansas, where her father served as governor after Bill Clinton in the 1990s. State polls show that Sanders should easily win the GOP primary.

On Monday, May 23, Sanders told Newsmax that Americans were becoming “awakened in a way they haven’t [experienced] in a long time” due to the failed policies of President Joe Biden. The gubernatorial candidate said people are truly starting to see and feel the effects of the failures the Democrats and Biden Administration, and that they’re really starting to get tired of it.

Sanders noted that prices are rising, store shelves are empty, and gas prices continue to climb through the ceiling, reaching historic numbers. Sanders added that liberal policies expose people to the failure of Washington politics in a way they hadn’t experienced before Biden assumed office.

Regarding the Baby Formula crisis, Sanders said the first thing she would do if she were governor right now is contact Walmart to discuss ways her state could do a better job of helping parents in need.

What do you think? Will this new awakening propel the Republicans to victory in the upcoming midterm elections?

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