Saudi Arabia Energy Minister Says ‘Sabotage’ Report Is a ‘Lie’

Saudi Arabia Energy Minister Says

( – Saudi Arabia is the most prominent oil-producing member of the OPEC oil cartel and one of the world’s biggest suppliers of fossil fuels. As such, some believe the country has a vested interest in the status quo regarding climate change. During the recent United Nations talks on climate change in Glasgow, Scotland, the media asked Saudi Arabian Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman al Saud to respond to claims his country was working behind the scenes to block climate change measures threatening oil demand and financially hurt his country.

Prince Abdulaziz responded to the allegations, stating outright they were untrue and a blatant lie. He said his country has worked with the United Nations head and other interested parties on climate. While industrialized nations, spearheaded by the United States under President Joe Biden, are trying to reduce fossil fuel reliance, Saudi Arabia is taking a different stance. It pledges to cut emissions, but representatives for the country say as long as there is a global oil demand, it will supply it to those who want to purchase it.

During the climate conference, some criticized Saudi Arabia for proposing a 6 pm quitting time. Negotiators also claim the oil-producing giant offered complex proposals pitting countries against one another.

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