Scientist Criticizes Transgender Ideology, Gets Blacklisted

Scientist Criticizes Transgender Ideology, Gets Blacklisted

Big Tech Is Blacklisting This Scientist After What He Discovered

( – As corporations become more woke, some companies have moved to censor people for their speech and, even worse, blacklist them from using their services. Just ask Professor Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist who contributes thought articles to the academic publication Quillette. Online payment company PayPal and eCommerce platform Etsy both recently blacklisted him.

What is Wright’s crime? Etsy accused him of “glorifying violence toward…  protected groups,” and PayPal refused to tell him. Instead, it informed Wright the company could only release further information to an attorney or law enforcement official with a lawfully issued subpoena.

Wright thinks his previous works questioning the legitimacy of the LGBTQ+ movement were the reason for the blacklisting. For example, on June 1, the biologist wrote a detailed article to debunk transgender collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas’s Good Morning America interview. Wright noted in the article’s rebuttal that one’s gender isn’t a choice. He stated that female sports don’t exist as a form of group therapy for unhappy males who want to live as females.

Wright stated that it’s outrageous that the tech platforms decided to limit his account over his use of protected speech.

So, do you think Paypal and Etsy should restrict a person’s ability to make a living?

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