Screenwriter Reveals Sad Details Behind Crimes Against Children in Hollywood

Screenwriter Reveals Sad Details Behind Crimes Against Children in Hollywood

Crimes Against CHILDREN Uncovered – Hollywood Whistleblower Steps Forward!

( – Hollywood has a decades-long history of being a haven for child abusers, but just how many have considered how deep pedophilia may go? In a recent guest appearance on the podcast “In the Trenches with Teddy Daniels,” a show biz screenwriter with 30 years of experience exposed the sad details behind the scenes. He concealed his identity to expose the situation in the entertainment industry.

The whistleblower said Harvey Weinstein was not the only sexual predator in the influential world of film. He stated there were a lot of cockroaches hiding in the nation’s filmmaking capital. He noted they were the same people who cheered Roman Polansky after giving him an Oscar in absentia because he’d fled the US for allegedly raping a young girl.

He stated the problem is more blatant than many realize because the perpetrators aren’t hiding and are in the open. The unidentified screenwriter emphasized they got away with their behavior and told listeners that crimes against kids in Hollywood aren’t conspiracy theories.

On the set of the movie “The Departed,” the whistleblower noted one of the actors lost his business in a fit of rage. He ranted off the names of people who committed pedophilia while the cameras continued rolling. Afterward, the cinematographer removed the digital card and told him to get rid of it. He informed Teddy he still had the video.

In 2017, former child star Corey Feldman said thousands of kids suffered abuse working in Hollywood. Elijah Wood also alleged widespread industry abuse of kids.

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