Secret Service Emails Show Massive Problem in Branch

Secret Service Emails Show Massive Problem in Branch

( – One more member of the Biden family has been in hot water, and Secret Service Members are wondering why the White House hasn’t had much to say about the matter. The administration is no stranger to accusations of lies and coverups. In this case, it appears President Biden isn’t even willing to be forthcoming about the family dog.

Judicial Watch recently released a scathing report documenting over 400 pages of records, including email messages revealing multiple incidents involving President Biden’s dog, Major, biting Secret Service agents. The attacks have occurred both at the White House and the Bidens’ Delaware home.

In one instance, Press Secretary Jen Psaki spurred victim outrage by reportedly saying a Secret Service member had surprised the German shepherd, prompting an attack. Yet, after eight separate offenses, the Bidens removed Major from the White House and sent him back to Delaware. Why lie?

There’s a possibility authorities could deem Major too dangerous if he’s bitten too many people unprovoked. Washington, DC, law dictates authorities must impound potentially dangerous dogs. If they determine the animal poses a continued threat, they must humanely euthanize it. In Delaware, the law allows authorities to seize and euthanize dogs that attack without provocation and cause humans serious harm or death.

The Administration could be downplaying the attacks to keep the animal from being destroyed. Still, given Major’s violent history, does the President’s dog really deserve such special treatment?

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