Senate Report Falsely Claimed 3 Officers Died During Riot

Senate Report Falsely Claimed 3 Officers Died During Riot

( – A new bipartisan Senate report was released that is creating more questions than answers. The report is laced with errors and inconsistencies, bringing into question why Senators on either side of the aisle would release a report with so many inaccuracies.

Perhaps the biggest misconception is the fact the report suggests three police officers lost their lives due to the January 6 riot at the nation’s capital. However, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died the following evening after sustaining two strokes that the corner labeled as “natural.” Days after the horrific scene on Capitol Hill, two police officers committed suicide.

The Senates’ report relied partly on New York Times and Washington Post articles instead of official DOJ releases and court documents to make the claims. Prosecutors walked back a claim that Sicknick was pepper-sprayed in light of evidence that the subject in question never used it. No one was charged with a crime in Sicknick’s death.

While the bipartisan report is misleading, it’s far from the only source making false claims. Prosecutors dropped a case against Christopher Kelly after a paid FBI informant falsely accused the New York man of posting pictures that didn’t exist of him in the Capitol building during the riot on Facebook Messenger.

Perhaps the senators’ zeal to find culprits belies their lack of objectivity regarding the January 6 riot.

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