Sidney Powell Comes Out Swinging Against Constitutional Crisis

Sidney Powell Comes Out Swinging Against

( – On Wednesday, March 10, attorney and former federal prosecutor Sydney Powell came out swinging about the election crisis that started in the state courts and moved into the federal courts. She didn’t stop there either. She argued that the Supreme Court’s refusal to look at the 2020 election corruption was itself corrupt and helped create a Constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War.

However, Powell carefully parsed her words. She did not allege that the Supreme Court was institutionally or legally corrupt. However, the former federal prosecutor did say various types of corruption could lead to the biggest crisis in American history. She said moral, intellectual, or unpatriotic corruption might have prompted the Supreme Court not to act in a timely matter to protect the integrity of the 2020 election.

Powell alleged after the election that Dominion Voting Systems helped rig the 2020 election by electronically switching votes from President Donald Trump to Joe Biden. Across the country, courts dismissed the allegations and refused to hear the cases, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn the election.

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