Small Businesses Need You in 2021 – Here’s How to Help

Small Businesses Need You in 2021 - Here's How to Help

( – COVID benefitted giants like Amazon and Walmart in 2020 while devastating many small businesses. Sadly, some local companies are past the point of no return. Most people don’t realize small enterprises put more money back into local economies than the larger giants ever do. Given the many challenges of 2020, it’s time to consider supporting local small businesses in 2021.

Adam Housley, a former pro baseball player and current winery owner who also reports for FOX, recently railed about the affects shutdowns were having on small businesses:

How Can We Help?

In response to questions about how we might support small businesses in 2021, consider the following options:

  • Subscription Services: Support a small business by signing up for subscription services that include items from lesser-known, small businesses trying to get their name out there.
  • Work From Home Supplies: More people are working from home, or homeschooling which means a need for desks, chairs, and office supplies. Purchase from a smaller retailer that focuses on such accessories.
  • Order In: This is a great time to try out new cuisine. Check for local restaurants that now offer delivery services in lieu of dine-in options.
  • Gift Cards: Show support by purchasing gift cards and giving them away as gifts. Not only will this ensure cash flow for the business, but it may also encourage others to try out new venues as well.

Small entrepreneurs with big ideas helped found this amazing country and cumulatively turned it into a vibrant economy. Helping these small businesses in their time of need is just one way to keep making America great and to ensure the small businesses we appreciate will still be around when everything goes back to normal.

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