Smart Phone for Conservatives

Smart Phone for Conservatives

( – Censorship has become a hot topic for many Conservatives who fear bigger agendas have left them voiceless and disconnected. Concurrently, Chinese manufacturing has left the phones most people depend on daily vulnerable to hackers.

Now, a 22-year-old self-made millionaire, Erik Finman, says he’s destroyed the censorship wall and improved personal security by developing “the best phone in the world.” According to a New York Times report, Finman used his fortune, which he earned after investing $1000 in bitcoin in 2014, to develop and release the Freedom Phone.

The young entrepreneur claims the $500 device does everything a user’s current smartphone does — except censor them. The Freedom Phone also has its own “PatriApp Store,” which Finman assures users is censorship-free.

Some people question whether Finman’s claims can live up to real-world demands, given his phone’s manufacturer is located in China. A CNET review wasn’t kind, suggesting the Freedom Phone compared to a “budget” Android model even with the hardware and perks.

With uncertainty surrounding the new device, some people are holding off on their purchases until it’s had time to prove its worth. If some claims are accurate, the designer may be more interested in making money than improving anyone’s access or personal security.

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