Somalian Concertgoers Boo Ilhan Omar Off Stage in Her Home Town

Somalian Concertgoers Boo Ilan Omar Off Stage in Her Home Town

Ilhan Omar RUSHED OFF In Disgrace – Camera Shows What Happened

( – Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has faced little backlash despite her radical far-left positions. She won her first primary in 2018 by 18 points and widened that margin to 19.7 points in 2020. Still, could there be a change in the air in 2022?

On Sunday, July 3, a video emerged of a seemingly unhappy crowd targeting Omar in her Minnesota district. Omar returned to the state to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of Somalia’s independence during Suldaan Seeraar’s first US concert. Yet, many in the crowd turned on Omar rather than embrace her as a fellow Somalian who achieved success as a refugee turned congresswoman.

They booed and demanded that she leave the stage, directing profanity toward the two-term congresswoman. A video of concert organizers attempting to control the crowd to allow Omar to speak racked up more than a million views as of July 5.

So, why did the largely Somalian audience, who many might think are friendly to Omar, boo her? Some believe it’s because of the Squad member’s recent comments supporting abortion and LGBTQ rights. Many in attendance were likely religiously and socially conservative. If so, that would explain the outcry against her.

Omar’s GOP challenger, Cicely Davis, told Fox News that the congressional district is ready for change. She claimed Omar is highly unpopular and said she wasn’t surprised crowds booed the Congresswoman.

The Minnesota primary on August 9 may hold more clues about Omar’s political longevity.

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