State Lawmakers Pass Abortion Ban

State Lawmakers Pass Abortion Ban
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( – For decades, Republicans said if they ever had the chance, they would reverse Roe v. Wade. With a 6 to 3 conservative-leaning US Supreme Court, GOP-led states are taking every advantage of the opportunities before them. In 2021, Mississippi, passed a law preventing an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. In January, the US Supreme Court heard the case, and by all appearances, the nation’s highest court may uphold the law as Constitutional.

While some states are waiting for the outcome of the Court’s decision late this spring or early in the summer, at least one state is barreling forward. In Arizona, the state Senate passed legislation banning an abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy except for medical emergencies. Arizona lawmakers modeled the proposal after the Mississippi abortion law. The proposed bill states that doctors knowingly performing an abortion beyond the prescribed 15 weeks could face felony charges and fines of up to $10,000.

State Sen. Nancy Barto (R-AZ) said that technology can now allow doctors, moms, and dads look at a fetus inside the womb and experience the incredible gift or parenthood. They can now see how life begins at conception as it grows more and more into a human form.

Unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood denounced the bill and argued that it criminalizes abortion providers. The legislation is now headed to the House for consideration.

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