Steve Bannon Has Bad News for Democrats on Abortion

Steve Bannon Has Bad News for Democrats on Abortion

Steve Bannon Tells Democrats What’s Coming Next

( – POLITICO published an exposé on May 2 that included an initial draft copy of a Supreme Court opinion from February. The document indicated that the majority of the nation’s highest court favored overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling that granted women the right to an abortion. As one might expect, the draft opinion kicked off a variety of responses including a controversial new policy by Amazon.

On Tuesday, May 3, former Trump adviser turned podcaster Steve Bannon reminded his listeners that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts confirmed the draft opinion was legitimate. He then turned on far-left Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who he said went hysterical at the steps of the US Supreme Court. Bannon said Warren all but announced her candidacy for president as she declared she would fight tooth and nail against the ruling. The far-left Democrat said women aren’t going back to the days before Roe.

Bannon replied to Warren that she’d gone back, the Supreme Court had sent her back, and she was back to the time before Roe, suggesting the 1973 Warren Court erroneously got Roe wrong. The podcaster added that Justice Samuel Alito destroyed Roe and said there isn’t anyone making a logical argument against the Justice’s reasoning.

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