Steve Bannon is Willing To Serve Prison Time To Support Trump

Steve Bannon is Willing To Serve Prison Time To Support Trump

Steve Bannon Is Ready To Make the Ultimate SACRIFICE for Trump

( – The House January 6 Select Committee has demanded that some people close to former President Donald Trump testify under oath and provide it with numerous documents over the last several months. Past White House advisor Steve Bannon was among those called. After refusing to accept the Congressional subpoena, the Department of Justice filed criminal charges of contempt against him. On Friday, July 22, a jury convicted the Trump ally. Now, he awaits the decision to learn what the consequences will be. Still, the erstwhile media mogul appears undeterred.

After the jury’s decision, Bannon declared that he might not have won the battle but intended to win the war. On Friday evening, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked about his feelings and the likelihood of going to jail. The ex-political strategist said he stood by his decision to defy the congressional committee and stated he supported Trump and the Constitution. “If I go to jail, I go to jail,” the former advisor told Carlson.

Bannon noted he’s never backed down from a fight and didn’t intend to start now. He warned the partisan Democratic committee and two Republican anti-Trumpers that there would be a new investigation when the GOP takes the House back after the first of the year. When that happens, he said grassroots Republican voters would have their say on the matter. Until then, the legal process could be lengthy as Bannon intends to appeal the jury’s verdict.

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