Supporting Abortion Has Nothing To Do With Faith, Kamala Harris Says

Supporting Abortion Has Nothing To Do With Faith, Kamala Harris Says

Kamala Harris’ ABORTION CLAIM Is Too Evil For Words

( – Over the last several months, abortion has become a central midterm election issue for Democrats as they look for something to help them maintain their fragile majorities in the House and Senate this fall. On Friday, June 17, Vice President Kamala Harris met with several members of the press shortly after she arrived at Dulles International Airport on Air Force Two. The VP made an interesting statement about faith and abortion that may prompt many in the faith community to disagree.

When asked about abortion, Harris asked for patience from abortion rights activist groups until after the Supreme Court decides whether it will overturn Roe v. Wade. The vice president said over the last few weeks, she talked with several faith leaders and said there is nothing about abortion that would make a person of faith abandon their beliefs or change them. Harris added that the government shouldn’t decide what a woman does with her own body.

As one might expect, several conservatives quickly reacted to the statement. Arkansas State Rep. Aaron Pilkington (R) stated that Harris was wrong and questioned whether she spoke to any bishops or priests. Jenna Ellis, a personal attorney for then-president Donald Trump, said Democratic elites who don’t believe in God want to tell Christians what God wants them to think.

What do you think about Harris’ remark?

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