Supreme Court Approval Rating Drops

Supreme Court Approval Rating Drops

( – The US Supreme Court is generally the only one of the three branches of government that stays above the partisan fray. Once again, a new survey mostly bears that out, but the partisanship isn’t coming from where one might think.

On Wednesday, a Marquette University Law School poll showed support for the court dropped six points since September 2020. The last time pollsters conducted a survey was right before Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.

Of the respondents to the poll, 60% said they approved of how the Supreme Court is doing its job. Here’s where it gets interesting. The highest favorability comes from independents at 61%. Democrats aren’t far behind at 59%. Lagging were Republicans, with only 57% supporting the high court.

Some might find it surprising Conservatives would approve at a lower rate than Democrats. However, some Conservatives might feel the 6-3 dominant supermajority of Republican appointees isn’t carrying its weight. After all, the Court:

  • Didn’t overturn Obamacare,
  • Kept protections for dreamers, and
  • Blocked an important abortion law in Louisana.

Even Justice Samuel Alito openly expressed dismay at his fellow High Court conservatives’ willingness to compromise at times.

If the Court rules more conservatively in the future, GOP approval rates could rise, but the others could lower. Regardless, the Supreme Court currently receives the highest approval rating of the three branches of government.

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