Supreme Court Case Could Change Everything, Report Says

Supreme Court Case Could Change Everything, Report Says

( – The Republican-appointed majority of the US Supreme Court already agreed to hear cases involving abortion and gun rights in the fall or winter term. The 6-3 conservative majority could change everything in the United States in the coming years, and race and education could also be on the docket.

In 2016, the high court narrowly ruled that race could be considered as a condition for college admissions to promote diversity. However, two conservatives since replaced the liberal members of that court.

Many colleges are anxiously waiting to hear if Justices will agree to hear a case involving an Asian student and Harvard University. Students for Fair Admissions claims that Harvard’s admission policy discriminates against Asian students.

The group claims the Ivy League school scores Asian American students lower in certain categories than Black or Hispanic students applying for admission. As a result, some Asian students with higher qualifications than their Black or Hispanic counterparts are being denied admittance to the prestigious school. The group hopes the court will ban race as a consideration when colleges evaluate student admissions.

Could it be time to end the practice of race quotas in college admissions? In 2003, then-Justice Sandra Day O’Connor said the Court expected racial preference would no longer be necessary in 25 years. That’s only seven years away. This court could choose to end the practice sooner than O’Connor envisioned.

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