Supreme Court Caught Violating Federal Law

Photo by Jackie Hope on Unsplash

( – According to a new CNN Report, before the draft opinion on Roe v. Wade was leaked, a number of Supreme Court Justices had used their personal email accounts when conversing about sensitive information, instead of using secure servers. This security lapse was not publicized following the court’s report on the investigation last month.

The new details provide more insight into internal procedures and investigations that took place following the link. It also makes it clear that the lack of procedures being followed could have led to the leak and might have hindered the internal investigation which did not manage to find who had leaked the draft.

The lack of security measures relating to printers being used by Supreme Court employees is also a problem for the investigation. The printers used don’t produce a log of all the actions that have been taken or which sensitive documents have been printed. This means that there is no way of tracking what material has been produced by the printers.

One former employee said that this is not a new situation and that is how operations have been for years. One of the key issues with Justice’s using their personal account instead of the ones provided in the secure network is that most employees did not dare confront them about their wrongdoings. One former employee also noted that the Justices were slow to learn how to use the systems and that they were “not masters of information security protocol.”


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