Supreme Court Rejects New Challenge

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash

( – On Monday the Supreme Court announced they would not be looking into a challenge to Kansas’s GOP-drawn congressional map. In their brief, unsigned order, the justices rejected an appeal made by Kansas voters who argued that the lower court had been wrong to uphold the map.

Initially, the state trial court decided the congressional map should be struck down as the new map would deliberately discriminate against minority voters because of the way that congressional district boundaries were drawn.

The new map would split Wyandotte County, which is where Kansas City is located. According to the group of voters, it is alleged that this new map is seeking to restrict the ability of minority voters to cast their ballots in favor of their preferred candidate. However, the state has argued that the changes were necessary in order to accommodate the area’s growing population.

The Kansas Supreme Court reversed the case in favor of the state after noting the challengers had not shown enough data to suggest minority voters were sufficiently numerous in order to be their own majority-minority district.

The 4-3 decision ruled that there was a precondition for the challengers who brought forth the case and referred to the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Thornburg v. Gingles case.

However, the challengers claimed Gingles should only be used in Voting Rights Act lawsuits that claim a map caused discrimination, instead of claiming the map was intentionally drawn to cause discrimination.

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