Supreme Court To Be Expanded?

Photo by Jesse Collins on Unsplash

( – Alexis McGill Johnson, the president, and CEO of the nonprofit organization Planned Parenthood are pushing for the Supreme Court to be expanded following the recent revelations about the ethics issues surrounding justices of the nation’s highest court.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” McGill Johnson revealed to host Jen Psaki that her call for a change in the Supreme Court was because of the recent attacks “on our democratic rights and our democratic freedoms.” She added that currently the court is “fully captured” in many areas, which is even more obvious by the recent case in Texas, where cases can be brought forth against a single Texas judge, or the Fifth Circuit which is conservative in order for your cases to be successful. This comment was specifically targeting the federal Texas Judge that ruled that mifepristone, an abortion pill, should not be allowed to be on the market because its approval over two decades ago was supposedly rushed.

McGill also stated that the Supreme Court needed to expand the bench and also impose term limits for justices. She added that it was also obvious that ethics reforms were necessary especially as people who are appointed as Justices for a “lifetime” do not appear to know what the majority of Americans want or what their stance is on key issues.

She noted that while it was possible to call for an individual Justice to step down because of a reason, in reality, it is the whole system that needs to be reformed.

Weeks earlier a coalition of 30 advocacy organizations also called for the Supreme Court to be reformed, while also calling for court expansion.

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