Taliban Assassinates Leader as Joe Biden Creates Perfect Vacuum for Them to Thrive

Taliban Assassinates Leader as Joe Biden Creates Perfect Vacuum for Taliban to Thrive

(TheRedWire.com) – In April, President Joe Biden precipitously declared that the US was pulling its armed forces out of Afghanistan. In 2001, the US bombarded and occupied the terrorist nation after the Taliban harbored terrorist groups such as al Qaeda and hid 911-mastermind Osama Bin-Laden. In less than two months, the Taliban is blowing through the country and recapturing large amounts of territory from the weak Afghan government. In less than two weeks, 900 people close to the government were killed by the terrorist organization.

On Friday, August 6, the Taliban assassinated Dawa Khan Menapal, the head of the Afghan government’s media information center, outside a Mosque in Kabul. In recent days, the Taliban also targeted the government’s chief of defense. If the Taliban is successful in capturing provincial capitals, its collapse could be inevitable.

After 20 years of war, if the Taliban emerges victorious and eradicates the US-installed government, the terrorist group will likely make a mockery of the 20-year occupation of Afghanistan. To prevent that from happening, the US is sending AC-130 gunships, B-52 bombers, and Reaper Drones to the area. The US Air Force’s mission is to drive the Taliban back from the capital cities. Unfortunately, the Afghan air force was left weakened after the US pulled out. A lack of aircraft parts and mechanics prevent the government from protecting its territories without US help.

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